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Chiropractic adjustment

I have had on going neck pain for several years, have tried physiotherapy but hasn’t helped the problem, I would like to try a chiropractic adjustment to see if it would help.


It probably would but only for a short time as you’ve had the problem for several years.

In order to get lasting benefit in cases like this, patients usually need a course of treatments and then usually 2-6 monthly check ups/maintenance.



Hello , my back went in March , doctor said it was sciatica and will go in 6-12 weeks , but it hasn’t. I paid for a private MRI scan which showed a bulging disc L5 causing nerve impingement .I’m currently having physio but feel it’s not working ,I’m taking amitriptelin for pain, but I have constant leg cramp and tingling toes. Is there anything you can do to help ?


Having had a L5/S1 disk bulge myself I can fully sympathise with your pain!

Chiropractic treatment often helps with this problem so it’s definitely worth trying, especially if what you are doing at the moment isn’t getting you anywhere!


Possible Trapped Nerve

Acute upper arm pain, numbness with pins and needles. Upper back pain. This has more than likely stemmed from an gym injury/ poor posture from sitting at desk during lockdown ( more than usual). I have no strength in my left side from this injury- right is not affected. Thoughts? Many thanks Mike

Hi Mike,

Numbness and pins^ needles usually indicate an irritated nerve. Combined with the upper back pain it suggests a nerve irritation in your neck.

You need to be properly examined so that you can get a diagnosis and correctly applied treatment.

I (obviously) suggest that you see your nearest chiropractor as that’s exactly the kind of thing that we treat.

If we are your closest then please give us a ring on 2083015859.


Back and head pain

Hi, I’ve been getting some pain in the lower part of my back and also in my neck and head which end in me getting headaches or migraines, im hoping there’s someone you could do that would possibly help. Many thanks


That sounds like the kind of thing that chiropractors help with but we’d need to take a full case history and examine you to get a better idea.

If we are your nearest clinic then why don’t you give us a ring on 02083015859?


Neck pain

Hi I get alot of tension and neck pain. I was once told I had very minor scoliosis at the base of my neck.. but its sore every now and then (weekly) I get a bulge and massage it out and it relieves the pain. What else can I do please? I can go weeks and months and be fine. Then its sore every couple of days. It’s only a year or so since I have had this issue. Many Thanks Amina

Hello Amina,

I’m afraid that it’s impossible to give you any useful self help advice without having examined you myself.

I’d advise that you go and see your nearest chiropractor to get a proper examination, diagnosis and perhaps treatment for this.



Lower back pain.

Hello, I’ve been suffering with sharp lower back pain for a while now and was hoping you can help solve the problem. It comes and goes, particularly if I’ve been standing up for a while, which is quite often as I’m a teacher. It also occurs if I’m laying on a flat surface. It almost feels like my pelvis is not clicked in the right place. A few years ago I laid flat on a wall and it shunted into place but I’ve never been able to do it again. Looking forward to your reply, Thank you Katie Howes

Hello Katie,

We can probably help you with this but would obviously need to examine you and take a full case history to get a better idea of what is going on and give you a diagnosis.

Why don’t you ring 02083015859 and speak to reception who will explain our procedures and get you booked in?


Anterior pelvic tilt, thoracic kyphosis

I have anterior pelvis tilt and as a result I have from what I believe to be thoracic kyphosis, I was ongoing physio at QMH back in February but due to COVID-19 have been dismissed. Would chiropractic clinic be able to help? Thanks Ben.

Hi Ben,

We can probably help you with that.

Why don’t you give the clinic a ring on 02083015859 and get an initial appointment?


Mid Back Pain

Hi Kris, I’m 21 years old and I’ve had back pain for the past 6/7 years in my mid back on leading into the bottom of my back. I also work a job in front of a computer screen for 12 hours a day. At the end of the day the pain is sometimes unbearable. I’m wondering if I could possibly come by and have some take a look and maybe help adjust. I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙂 Kind regards Billy Cumes

Hello Billy,

Of course you can get one of us to take a look at that for you. That’s what we do!  It looks like you probably need some treatment to get your back working properly again and settle your paraspinal muscles down. In addition, we’d also go through postural advice so that you can largely manage your issues there yourself so that you can have minimal ongoing chiropractic intervention in the long term.

Why don’t you give us a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with reception about booking in?



Hello Kris I have noticed, that my daughters hips are not even, one is higher than the other and the arms looks uneven too. Is there a way to fix it?


I’m really sorry but I have no idea if this can be ‘fixed’ or not because I don’t know what is causing it or how bad it is.

I’d have to examine her before I could give you my thoughts on what may or may not be possible.

Why don’t you give your nearest chiropractor a ring and book yourselves in with them?


Snapping Hip Syndrome

Hi Kris, wonder if you can assist with snapping hip syndrome. Work for an NHS Ambulance service and so have spoken about it with some of my paramedic colleagues and the symptoms I’m feeling alongside the research I have undertaken all points directly towards one of the three versions of SHS. Pain in and around my left lumbar triangle, radiating into my groin, buttock and thigh, around a 4/10 score discomfort but not pain. Upon hip tension, flexion and release a loud enough popping audible heard from the area alongside a sharp jolt. No paresthesia noted. paracetamol taken when the pain goes above 6/10 or if I’m struggling to sleep, and if too much I’m taking co-codamol 30’s. I’m into my HIIT workouts, circuit training and more recently, ( < 3 months ) cycling, but I’m struggling to get distances because of the pain starting after a short time frame, wondering if it’s to do with this SHS? Cheers

Hello, interesting case! We’d take a detailed case history, perform a thorough examination and then probably start a trial course of treatment to see if we can settle things down for you. We’d also be looking at what caused this in the first place to try to prevent relapse.

Clinic number is 02083015859. Please give reception a ring and they can book you an appointment.



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