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Sudden back pain & numbness

Hi Kris, only 3 days ago I woke up and had a very sudden, sharp, intense pain in my lower back on the left side. It has not gotten any better since and I’ve noticed that the local area is numb and it is a burning pain that I’m suffering from. What could it be? I’ve never had this before and I’m not sure how it has been caused or how to get rid of it.


Unfortunately, since I don’t know anything more about you (age, medical history etc) it could be any number of things. From very serious to relatively minor (but painful)

I’d go and see your nearest chiro or at the very least your GP. You could even go to A&E and see if they would do further tests such as xrays.

I’m sorry I can’t be any of any more help here!


Upper back shoulder blade pain daily/costochondritis r

Hi I’m 37 weeks pregnant suffering with upper back pain shoulder blade pain and costochondritis inflammation in chest wall which never seems to heal suffering in pain daily it’s awlful terrible knots in. Upper back tense stiff is it possible to book an appointment


Please give reception a ring on 02083015859 and they will book you in.


Can you help me?

Hi. I am severe lower back pain and shoulder pain. I do have psoriatic arthritis and I am overweight. Please let me know if you can help? Thank you

That’s a coincidence-I get psoriatic arthritis as well!

We should be able to help you with your issues. We help most people who come to us.



I have back pain which is also affecting both legs down to my toes, groin, shoulder and also joint pain in my arms. I have assumed this to be sciatica and unsure if its all linked or whether Im just getting old (I am 55yrs of age). If i sit for any length of time I cant straighten up for a few minutes and the pain is intense. Can you advise if you could help with this or do I need to see a doctor first?


You don’t need to see a GP first as we are ‘primary health care practitioners’ and as such, qualified to diagnose conditions without needing input from doctors.

Whether we can help you with your problems depends on what is causing them so one of us would need to get a detailed case history and examine you first.

You could always book yourself in for a ‘free chat’ as we might be able to get an idea of what’s going on from that.


Back pain

I constantly have an achy back and every morning i have to crack it otherwise i can barely move. i have been prescribed tablets from doctors which don’t seem to do much , would you be able to treat this??


I’m pretty sure that we could help with this. Obviously we’d have to do a detailed examination after taking your case history to make sure nothing more complicated is behind your problem before we start treatment.


back alignment

Hi, I don’t suffer any pain but back is very arched over especially my neck. I would like to know if it is possible to be straighten so to speak?


I’m not sure as I don’t know exactly how arched it is, how long it’s been like that etc.

Also, it may be like that due to something like Scheuermann’s disease, in which case it probably can’t be changed much or at all.

I’d suggest that you phone in (02083015859) and ask for a ‘free chat’ with one of us here.


Can you help with sharp shoulder pain?

I have been suffering with a sharp pain in my right shoulder for a few weeks which radiates down my shoulder blade,up through my neck and down my arm. I have pulmonary hypertension and have a permanent IV line inserted into my artery and am receiving 24/7intravenous medication for this through a pump. Would you be help me?


Not sure. I’d be happy to have a look to get a better idea.

Please give reception a ring on 02083015859 and ask to see me for a ‘free chat’ and we can take it from there.



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