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TMJ jaw adjustment

Hi do you do TMJ adjustment? Many thanks

Yes 🙂

Pain at the back of my shoulder

Hi Kris I have been having the last 8 days pain at the back of my shoulder. Every day is getting worse. The last 4 days I feel also burn and the last 3 days the pain is expanding. What should I do? Thank you Angela

Hi Angela,

I’d suggest giving your closest chiro clinic a ring and getting yourself booked in so that you can get accurate diagnosis and (hopefully) successful treatment.


Lower/Upper back pain and leg pain

Since starting dance in 2017 at the age of 14 I have suffered from severe back pain. It starts off at the bottom of my back and then shoots up to my upper back/neck area and then down my legs all the way to my ankles. The pain used to be bearable until I started to work. I found that since i’ve started working the pain in unbearable, it keeps me up of a night and stops me from doing certain tasks at work. Is this something that you could treat?


I’d need to examine you to try to determine what’s going on before I can say if you are suitable for treatment.

We do offer a ‘free chat’ service which might enable whichever chiropractor you see then to give you a more certain answer.

Why don’t you ring us on 02083015859 and have a chat with reception about getting booked in for a free chat?


Neck Pain

Hi Kris, I have a neck pain and i need help. Please let me know about the consultation.


Give the clinic a ring on 02083015859 and reception will answer all your questions.


Shoulder and mid & lower back

Hi,I have had shoulder pain for a number of years since an injury playing football the pain never started for a few years after the injury however it seems to get worse if I lay on it awkwardly or my wife lays on my chest! It’s almost like it’s trying to pop out? Also I have on off pain in my mid back when breathing in it hurts as it it’s trying to click and lower back from time to time feels ceased and leaves me slightly bent over and in pain!! Could this be something more serious or wld I need a good cracking maybe?


Since I don’t know anything about your original injury I really can’t give you any useful answer other than get yourself in with a chiropractor who will take a case history and examine you.


Muffled Ears & Stiff/Popping Jaw

Hello, I have been suffering with muffled ears since late 2019 (like i’ve gone through a tunnel/on an aeroplane and my ears need to pop) & i’m wondering if getting them popped by a chiropractor will be effective in helping relieve this. I am a singer & feel like i’m not hearing myself/the notes properly. With this I have also been suffering with a jaw issue since mid 2020, where it hurts on my right side and feels stiff, some days are worse than others and sometimes I cannot open my mouth very far, then when I push it a bit far (yawning/eating) it will pop & sometimes crunch for a while afterwards. Could this be solved by visiting a chiropractor? Thanks, Kye M.

Hi Kye,

I might be able to help you with all that. It would probably be a mix of chiropractic, manual therapy techniques, dietary advice and manual lynmph drainage.

Give us a ring on 02083015859 and ask to see me. I’m pretty busy but will have a slot in the next 3-4 weeks.


Lower back pain

I have an excruciating pain in my lower right buttock/back (kind of in line with my hip), I have trouble getting out of bed, sitting down and standing up, while I walk slowly the pain is there but bareable. Doctors have put me on tramadol which helped a bit but now doesn’t touch it. Any suggestions you can give will be really appreciated. Many thanks Lorna 07957582919

Hi Lorna,

I’ll ask one of our receptionists to give you a ring now.


Shoulder blade tight

I have tight shoulder blade from left to right side

My right shoulder has tendonitis
Any treatment?


Yes, probably.

We’d obvoiusly need to delve deeper into your case and medical history as well as an examination but this does sound like the type of thing we help people with.

Why don’t you give the clinic a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with reception about booking in to see one of us here?



What treatment do you offer for rheumatoid arthritis in hands and feet? Any treatment for right shoulder tendonitis?


Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do for RA in your hands and feet.

Shoulder tendonitis is, however, a problem that we do treat.



Hello I often get headaches and I noticed that my neck hurts a lot every time when i get headaches is a chiropractic treatment help with my headaches? Thanks


Chiropractic does often help with headaches if they are due to muscle or joint problems.

We’d assess you first to determine if you are suitable for treatment or whether you need to be referred on to your GP for further tests.



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