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hiatus hernia manipulation by chiropractic therapy

hi kris, I have been suffering with a sliding hiatus hernai for a number of years now since being diagnosed after having endoscopy back in 2015, I was told to take 40mg a day of omeprezole and told to discontinue if I felt I could. I did that for 6months and the pain settled until now. I’m suffering back aching around the upper abdominal stomach which radiates all around in the lower back. I have research chiropractic manipulation online but only come across chiropractors that seem to specialise in this technique all in the states(American). I was wondering if you have any knowledge about this or know of anybody that you could put me in contact with. Thank-you I look forward to your response. Mark Goldstein.

Hi Mark,

I know a manual therapy technique that can help with a hiatus hernia.

My clinic phone number is 020883015859.

email is


Am having pains in both legs. When am walking out side the house. Went for steroid injection 3 yrs ago. What I can I do please.

Go and see your nearest chiropractor for a proper assessment!

That way you’ll get a diagnosis and hopefully treatment.

Pain in my back in, hip girdle and legs

Good evening, I started to suffer from back pain during my pregnancy and after delivery it became worse. More than 10 months ago I gave birth. I feel very stiff, my lower back hurts very bad after a training or holding my baby too long. My pelvic girdle starts to hurt when I am getting closer to my period or just randomly and this pain goes through my right leg. Could you please give me an advice? If I need treatment how much would it cost? Thank you, I am looking forward to your answer. Kind regards, Szabina Herrera-Bardi

Hello Szabina,

I recommend that you book yourself in as a new patient (give us a ring on 02083015859).

We are open to see patients who are in pain/urgent cases at the moment.

Currently we charge £68 for the initial consultation and £40 per treatment.

neck discomfort

My neck is always stiff, have been feeling dizzy for the last 3 months . Is it possible its related to my neck discomfort? If so can I book an appointment?

It might be related to your neck discomfort or it could be totally unrelated. You have the right to more than one condition at a time!

That’s why chiropractors are trained to take a detailed case history and perform a full relevant examination before attempting to diagnose and treat.

If you would like to book an appointment at the bexleyheath chiropractic clinic then give us a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with our reception staff.


My whole body cracks and

My whole body literally cracks and pops at nearly every movement my neck cracks and grinds constantly,my upper spine locks up and I have to click it out at least every couple hours or more my lower back is in constant pain especially when standing or laying down, my right hip hurts when I walk feels like its out of place my elbow pops and cracks my hands even my rib cage right in the middle by my chest which is extremely painful my ankles crack at every move and my knees I literally think I have to crack every part of my body every few minutes and its getting worst and more painful and I’m only 24 years old and I’ve been like this for over 3 years but in past couple months has got much worse.

That’s an unusual collection of symptoms for anyone of any age and you’ve got far too much going on there for me to be able to give you an accurate diagnosis or meaningful help on the internet. There are so many things that could be going on with what you’ve described that all I can do is urge you to go and see a chiropractor so that they can go through your medical history, examine you and give your problems the attention that they deserve.

Chiropractors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of joint problems so by going and seeing one you should be in the best place to get something done about this.


I think my spine is misaligned

Hi, I’ve noticed that my posture is not up straight anymore and there is a curve in the lower section of my back. I’ve been looking to get this sorted out but am I able to do this through a chiropractor?


That is certainly something that one of our chiropractors could assess to see if it’s a treatable problem.

We are back in work on Tuesday next week so you could give us a ring then on 02083015859 to book yourself in for an examination or have a chat on the phone about it.


First treatment

Does the first treatment include a treatment or just a consultation, I have what I believe to be upper crossed syndrome and I’m looking for someone to relieve my posture pain regularly. Thank you.

The first proper visit (new patient consultation) does include treatment as long as the chiropractor doesn’t need imaging (xrays etc) or any other tests.

We don’t usually need further tests as they are only indicated in some cases of previous trauma, cancer or anything else of concern which could affect the safety of the treatment.

A simple case of upper crossed syndrome doesn’t usually call for further testing.


Extreme pain lower back

I have very bad low back pain and can’t really move, I have young children and I’m struggling been to GP referd for MRI NEXT WEEK pain killers don’t help, what can I do , I keep getting stuck, thank you

I’m really sorry to hear about your predicament. It’s especially bad when you have young children to look after as well!

In the short term you could ask your GP to prescribe you muscle relaxants/anti-inflammatories and painkillers which might make life a bit more bearable for you.

In the medium to long term I’d recommend you see a chiropractor to get a diagnosis and treatment. That way you should avoid ending up in this situation again!

Give your nearest chiropractic clinic a ring and have a chat with them?


Hiatus hernia

My mother has a large hiatus hernia. Can chiropractic treatment help?


Some chiropractors (myself included) have been trained in a manual therapy technique that can sometimes help with a hiatus hernia.

Unfortunately, we don’t hold a list of those chiros so I recommend that you simply phone the clinics nearest to you and ask them if they can help or if they know someone who can.



Trapped nerve

Hi I woke up from sleep and I have got severe pain in my shoulder and my neck on the right side and it seems like I have got a bad trapped nerve was just wondering would you be able to help me out with trapped nerve cos the pain is really bad I have been to osteotherapist but they checked and they said it’s trapped nerve had a few session but it’s gone worst


That sounds like the kind of thing that we help with.

You would need to have one of us take a case history, do a thorough examination and then we’d be able to give you a better idea about what is going on and what we could do to help you with it.

Why don’t you give reception a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with them about getting yourself booked into the clinic?



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