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Help needed for general wear and tear

I work as a carer at an old people home in welling and my shifts one week are 33 hours and the other week 22 hours my job requires lots of manual handling and moving equipment like hoist and bending to lift things which is now taking it’s toll on my lower back and right knee but my lower back and right knee started to ache nearly 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my son who when born was 10lbs 2oz and was wondering if you could help me with the pain I am in every day especially in my lower back area where sometimes the pain is stopping me get to sleep without having a bath I also go to the gym to try and see if I can help the pain by having a good strength


That all sounds like the kinds of ailments that we help people with. We’d also be able to show you how best to bend & lift (often not taught very well on manual handling courses).

Why don’t you give reception a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with them about getting booked in?


Slipped disc

Hi there, Following a MRI scan, it is evident i have a slipped disc at S1. The pain has eased, but I have lack of functionality in my right leg, for example I can’t stand up on tip toes with my right leg. My consultant has advised rest for 2 months with no twisting, lifting bending etc. as it seems to be improving. However, is there any treatment that you offer that could help this healing process? Kind regards, Craig.

Hi Craig,

We treat a lot of this kind of thing so, yes, we can probably help it heal as fast as possible and better than if it’s left to it’s own devices.

We’d also provide advice on how to bend, sit, lift etc in order to minimize the risk of re-injury.

If you are interested, our number is 02083015859.


Can I book a consultation

I have lower back pain it’s seems to be getting worse I have try different think I got acupuncture appointments in June . Can I refer my self for a consultation?

Of course you can.

Please give our reception a ring on 02083015859 and they will get you booked in.



Do you treat sciatica


We do treat pain in the leg but there are lots of potential causes for that kind of thing so we examine the patient in order to get a diagnosis first.


Back pain and right legs num

I wanted to book a appointment with a consultant

If you want to see a consult, rather than a chiropractor, then you should talk to your GP about getting a referral.


Tail bone injury

Hi, a few years ago I fell down a flight of stairs which cause me to have pain in my tail bone. I am not sure if it was a fracture or bruising as my GP couldn’t ever confirm. Over the past few years the pain comes and goes however, it was manageable, but I have recently given birth and the pain has come back even worse. My question is as recommended by my health visitor – do you think that as a chiropractor this is something that you could help with and also, how many sessions do you think I will need to see an improvement? Thanks.


We do treat coccyx injuries but obviously I don’t know how many treatments you would need as each case is different due to factors such as cause, duration, age of patient etc. Why don’t you give us a ring on 02083015859 and perhaps get yourself in for a free chat to discuss this?



Trapped Nerve Around The Collarbone Area

Hello, I am an amateur boxer experiencing a trapped nerve around my collarbone every time I throw a punch. It feels like it’s behind my collarbone between my neck and shoulder. Would anyone be about to treat this?

Hi, that does look like the kind of thing that we treat. Please give reception a ring on 02083015859 and they will book you in with one of our chiros.


Ostiopath or chiropractor

I’ve got an arthritic right hip and sciatica on the left lower back. Hip hurts constantly sciatica usually just a bit twingey although today hip fine sciatica agony! I see an Osteopath every 3 weeks but it’s giving less and less relief. Would a chiropractor be any different? Thanks Sam

Hi Sam,

A chiropractor would probably use somewhat different techniques to an osteopath so yes, it would be different. Definitely worth a try to see if it helps.

You could always book in for a free chat with us and describe to us what the osteopath does so we could get a better idea if we would be able to offer something different.


Pinching in neck

I have had a month history of a pain in my neck which is central and feels almost under the bones. It doesn’t feel like a knot as it can’t be massaged/palpated as such. If I push my chin back or lift my chin to the ceiling I have a pinching sensation in the middle of my neck. I’ve had a sports massage and have also seen an osteopath for a massage with no relief. Im a paramedic myself so may have hurt it at work but haven’t had a specific injury and I am in my twenties. I’m wondering if this sounds suitable for a chiropractor or whether I should see a physio, as I’m not sure if this is nerve/muscular/skeletal pain?


What you are describing sounds like a straightforward problem that should be amenable to chiropractic treatment.

Obviously, we would have to take a full case history and examine you thoroughly before we can be sure.

Why don’t you give reception a ring on 02083015859 and book yourself in?


Pain in my back but its bith upper and lower

I suffer with sciatica pain in my lower back and have done since the pregnancy with my first child. But i am also a curvy women and have very large breasts so I tend to hunch over when sitting and walking. I have been to my GP and have been given physio sessions in the past but they dont tend to work. I rely heavily on Gabapentin tablets daily to get me through the day due to my pain. What else can I do ?


It looks like you need to rectify your posture, both when sitting and upright. The physio should have given you the ‘tools’ to do that.

Why don’t you go and see your nearest chiropractor as they would be able to both treat your problems and help you to sort out your posture.



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