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Hello, I have really bad posture, my back starts to tense up and aches. I think I also have a neck hump, can this be fixed? Thanks


Chiropractic is very likely to be able to help you with your tension and aching. Getting rid of the ‘hump’ is a less likely proposition as it usually involves structural/physical changes. Chiropractic may be able to slow or halt it’s progressive worsening though.




Can you help with Sciatica and if I booked an appointment would you do any correction on the first appointment


If by ‘sciatica’ you mean pain going down your leg then yes, do usually help with that type of symptom – we’d obviously need to figure out what’s causing the leg pain first.

Unless you need imaging (x-rays or MRIs) and most patients don’t then yes, we’d probably treat you on the first appointment.


Patellar Tendinitis

Good Morning, I am been suffering from Patellar tendinitis since one year. I went to the NHS MSK, I have done also private physio ( including a couple of ultrasound sessions and dry acuputure), however I am still in discomfort and pain. Do you treat this condition? Many thanks, Fede


Yes, we can probably help with your patellar tendonitis.

The reason you are still suffering in spite of having had treatment is that, from what you have told me, you haven’t had enough treatment.

If you found that the private physio helped you somewhat then go back and continue with them to get a complete resolution. If not then feel free to give us a ring on 02083015859 and book yourself in.


Scoliosis/neck pain/chronic sinusitis

Hi, I have been experiencing neck and back pain as well as migraines and sinus discomfort. I also have scoliosis. Would I benefit from seeing a chiropractor? Thanks


I’m sure that chiropractic could help you with some or most of your issues-though probably not the sinus problem as that’s not a chiropractic type of thing.

For the sinuses I’d recommend getting a proper diagnosis as it could be polyps, deviated septum, allergies or even a dairy intolerance.


Posture adjustment and fixtures

Hi there! I’m struggling with bad posture in the upper back (scapular winging) and some anterior pelvic tilt and was wondering if you guys would be able to help out with it! This has been a hindrance in terms of appearance and comfortability and asI’m only 16 I would love for my posture to be corrected and preventing it from affecting me later on as it has been a concern to me lately as my lower back is occasionally bothering me. Thank you! Regards, Kyan.C

Hello Kyan,

We can probably help you with some or all of your problems there.

Why don’t you give reception a call on 02083015859 and they can book you in with one of us?


Occipital pain

Hi Kris I’ve been experiencing this since jan/feb . When turning my head to the right i get stiffness in the upper neck that radiates/pulls into the back of my head towards my ear . I would say it’s more of a burning /pulling pain rather than consistent headache . The back of my head also feels sensitive when I lay sleep on it . Any ideas ? Can you help ? Regards Mark

Hi Mark,

From the description, your symptoms are probably due to tightness of the suboccipital and/or  SCM muscles.

Should be simple enough to get them to respond favourably to treatment.

Our number is 02083015859.


How much?

Hi Kris, how much does it cost for the session?


It’s probably best if you give reception a call on 02083015859 and they will run through the different costs for you.


What type of training do you use

Hi I’m actually looking for a mctimmoney trained chiropractor not a Bournemouth trained one. Do you have a mctimmoney chiropractor available?


We’re not McTimoney chiros.

If you go to the MCA here:  , you should be able to find one near you.


Back pain

I have been told I have joint degeneration of lumber spine, I spend every day in pain and have asked for an mri but my gp says they can’t refer for one. The only relief I get is laying flat or on one side, I get constant spasms in back right side of spine which is aggreviated by movement, movement of ribs right shoulder and arm moment such as ironing , hoovering any movement involving right side of that spine, I have been on naproxen, nefopam, gabapentin, morphine patches ,tramodol, something beining with a, co dodomol, paracetomol,nothing helps with back spasms, at times I feel sharp knife like pain with spasm and a few times into right top of bottom cheek, I have had this almost 3 years, I am overweight and on metformin, and under guys foe diet plan starting soon, the pain started before I was overweight when I was a size 12 , I have done care work 8 years and in hosp ward 3 years this is when I began getting spasms a year into starting. Is this something you can help me with, I really need an mri as I feel it’s nerve causing spasming and if it’s compromised, I do get stiff neck at times with pain I to shoulder , my recent rhumatoid factor test result was 10.


Wow! You have a lot going on there!

Unfortunately, you’ve given me your symptoms but no background. I don’t know what started all this, how old you are, whether you are male or female etc…

In any event, I would recommend you simply book in with me (either as a free chat or a standard new patient) and we run through your case to get a better idea about what’s going on.

Please give reception a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with reception about booking in.


Neck pain

Good Morning, I have currently been suffering with neck pain for just over a week now.. it’s very sharp and I struggle with certain movements. It’s a lot worse at night when trying to sleep and causing constant headaches. Please let me know if this is something that you are able to advise/help with and how much will it cost me. Thank you


Yes, we should be able to help you with your neck pain.

Please give reception a ring on 02083015859 and they will be able to run through our prices, procedures and available appointment times.



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