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Sciatica suspected herniated disc

Hi I just wanted to enquire whether you would be able to treat me. I have been suffering with sciatica since January (mild) and it suddenly got worse after seeing an osteopath who pushed my body possibly slightly too much, after stopping these appointments the pain got better with small exercises everyday and walking. However last Friday the pain became severe and I have been unable to walk more than a few steps since then. I have a gp appointment tomorrow and have been taking pain killers but not much is helping at the moment


I’m pretty sure that we could treat you but one of us would obviously have to examine you first to make sure that it would be ok.

Please give our reception a ring on 02083015859 and get booked in.



Hi I have 2 bony parts both side of my neck at the end of both collar bone by the breast bone only had it for few weeks Is it normal?

Probably, but I’d have to take a look to be sure.

Chiropractic adjustment

Hello Kris, I was wondering how much a chiropractic adjustment is, i have recently gone back to the gym and from working retail I feel stiff and I don’t have the fluidity of movement i once had. However I am doing yoga and after losing 3 stone and trying to reach my goal of 15 stone I just don’t have the movement i once had. I would really like to be more active and feel sluggish due to the body not being as it once was. i used to be very flexible but lost the mobility as I said, I was hoping to book a session with beginning consultation. Hope to hear from you soon KInd regards Kuzey Ilcen

Hello Kuzey,

I’m sure that we can help you with your flexibility and mobility.

I’d suggest that you give our reception team a ring and have a chat with them about costs and avaliability.

Our phone number is 02083015859.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Chiropractic adjustment

Hello, I was just wondering do you do full body adjustments? I’m a regular gym goer lifting heavy weights Thank you


Yes, we do, if they are clinically needed.


Could you help with migraines?

I suffer with frequent migraines & I think they may be linked to my sleep & I’m wondering if it has something to do with my neck. I can get them throughout the day but I usually wake up with them. Is this something you could help with?


We have helped many people over the years with this kind of problem so we may well be able to help you as well.

Why don’t you give reception a ring on 02083015859 and book yourself in with us?



Hello my daughter is 15 and plays tennis quite often. She’s recently been getting quite bad notes on her top of her shoulders and neck. Could you treat this at 15 and how much would this cost ?


Why don’t you give our reception a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with them about costs and perhaps get a ‘free chat’ arranged with one of our chiropractoirs.



Hi, I was wondering if you can treat TMJ and locking of the jaw

Quite possibly, it’s the kind of thing that chiropractors do often help with.


Sinus Drainage

Hi Kris, I was speaking to someone and they have issues with their sinus which their chiropractor helped treat. Is this something you can help with as well?


I don’t help with sinus drainage but I have a lovely lady working here who does.

Her name is Sue and she uses manual lymph drainage to treat that kind of thing.

I have it done myself and highly reccomend it!


Popping in lower back, numb left leg randomly

i get numbness in left top area of leg that comes and goes randomly, also on the right it feels like a bone sometimes pops out of place in my hip near where the spine attaches, hard to descripe. I have had it happen sitting or standing or outstretching my arm once or twice, i get tingling in hands too occasionally. Im most concerned about what feels like a vertebre popping out of place and whn it happens i feel intense pain and am aching for a bit. I am 45 years old. I had a motorbike crash in 2015 which shattered my left collarbone in 6 pieces and fractured both sides of my ribs. i felt ok though until last year, i sit a lot infront of the computer for work. I try and cycle once a week and walk as much as i can. thank you. John

Hi John,

If you are asking me what you should do about your symptoms I’d say that you should go and see a chiropractor and get properly examined so that you can get an accurate diagnosis.

With a history like yours the chiro will probably need xrays (or MRIs) of your spine in order to aid in diagnosis and safe treatment.

Why don’t you ring up your closest chiro clinic and have a chat with them?


Jaw click

Hello…my jaw click near my ear when I chew steak or hard food. What appointment shall book with you to fix my problem please?. Many thanks


Give the clinic a call on 020830156859 and have a chat with reception to get yourself booked in.



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