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Full spine or specific areas

Hi, I am looking for a chiropractor who carries out a full body assessment and correct any areas where there are issues. Do you check the full body and adjust where necessary or do you only check/adjust areas relating to patients issues. Many thanks Hello, Good question! I examine and treat the areas that are […]

Back Pain Question

Can you tell what would usually happen on my first visit to the Clinic please? Thank you Kelly Have a look at my Bexleyheath Chiropractic Clinic website. Specifically this page:

Trapped nerve in shoulder

Hi I’m 55 fit and healthy exercise regularly and have been doing martial arts for most of my adult life. I have a trapped nerve in my neck due to what I believe is a bulging disc , this has been like this for around 5 month I have bad nerve pain in my left […]

Neck pain

I have a sharp pain in the upper left hand side of my neck and struggle turning my neck to the left I’m sorry to hear that. Is there a question that you would like to ask me about this? Kris


How much is a session? Costs vary between clinics depending on what country you are in and where you are in that country. I don’t know where in the world you are! I suggest that you ring your closest clinic and have a chat with them about this. Kris

Sharp Pains/long-term neck pain

I’m experiencing sharp pains in my lower back on the left side near my tailbone. The pain goes through down to the area of my leg right below my buttock. What do you think that could be, and how should I treat it? I am also experiencing significant pain in my neck on the left […]

Back pain

Hi. I suffer from a horrible pain in my lover back/ top of my bottom on my right hand side. With this I usually suffer numbness down my right leg. If you could help I would be grateful. Regards Sam. Hello Sam, It seems that you probably have an irritated L5 or S1 nerve which […]


Ok so I’ve thrown out my back it it happens many time with simplest taste. My back problems consist of my pelvis being pushed over to the right causing my spine to be pulled down and slightly twisted. And I know pregnancy itself causes the back stress from the weight so my question is would […]

Bad shoulder blade pain

I got whiplash on Saturday and today (4/16) around the afternoon, my left shoulder blade are started to hurt really bad. I can’t sit and move my body in certain ways without feeling terrible pain, what is wrong? Hello, Sorry to hear about your whiplash injury. Without examining you myself I really can’t tell you […]

Thoracic pain

Hi, I’ve been experiencing pain in my right side middle back just to the right of my spine but left of my shoulder blade since November 2017 I’ve been to to doctor in November he said I had pulled a muscle but the pain still lingers and only hurts when I inhale or exhale deeply […]

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