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Extreme pain lower back

I have very bad low back pain and can’t really move, I have young children and I’m struggling been to GP referd for MRI NEXT WEEK pain killers don’t help, what can I do , I keep getting stuck, thank you I’m really sorry to hear about your predicament. It’s especially bad when you have […]

Hiatus hernia

My mother has a large hiatus hernia. Can chiropractic treatment help? Hello, Some chiropractors (myself included) have been trained in a manual therapy technique that can sometimes help with a hiatus hernia. Unfortunately, we don’t hold a list of those chiros so I recommend that you simply phone the clinics nearest to you and ask […]

Trapped nerve

Hi I woke up from sleep and I have got severe pain in my shoulder and my neck on the right side and it seems like I have got a bad trapped nerve was just wondering would you be able to help me out with trapped nerve cos the pain is really bad I have […]

For back and knee pain

Regarding cost how much will it be for my both knee and back pain Hello, Give the clinics reception a ring on 02083015859 and they will be happy to give you a run down of our prices and answer any other questions that you may have. Kris


Hello Kris, I have worked in an office for 3 years now, play video games regularly in my spare time and drive to and from work. I do not feel like there is any joint pain anywhere however occasional I may get my neck lock if I turn my head too fast. With everything that […]

Can you help trigeminal neuralgia?

I have TN from multiple sclerosis. I feel pain in my jaw if I move my neck! Can you help? Hello. We can’t do much for TN but the pain in your jaw from moving your neck may well just be due to muscle tightness. If that’s the case then we might be able to […]


Hi! Would you be able to treat a very long term sciatica problem? Many thanks Hello, If by sciatica you mean some sort of symptoms or pain in your leg then we’d be happy to see if we can diagnose what those symptoms are being caused by and see if it’s the kind of thing […]

Can you help with a trapped nerve?

I am suffering from lower back pain which is pretty much constant at the moment. I have previously suffered with a trapped nerve and the pain tended to come in waves, however it is different this time. I have constant pain in my pelvis, hips and buttocks and the shooting trapped nerve pain which radiates […]

Bulging disc in neck

Dear Kris, I have suffered with neck and shoulder pains for nearly 2 years. It’s like a stiffness pain that starts at back of neck and effects the back of head and shoulders. The pain triggers off a migraine and they are becoming more frequent over time. Scans show a bulging disc 4 and the […]

Hunchback/back pain

Hi I’m 29 years old and as far as I can remember I have had a hunchback my mother has it so don’t know if it runs in my family or my mother just wasn’t strict another with my posture but its being to irate me now and would like to see if we can […]

Not Sure if the Team at Bexleyheath Chiropractic Clinic can help you?

If you are not sure that the team can help you then you can arrange to come in and have a "chat" with one our experienced chiropractors. It's completely free and there is absolutely no obligation on you to be treated by us. The service is there to help you decide whether you believe we can help you. If, when we meet, we don't believe we can improve your condition then we'll tell you. Give us a call!

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