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Lower Back Pain

I have been in pain since Sunday where my lower back has been severely hurting. I can’t seem to stand up straight and the pain keeps taking my breath away. It hasn’t got any better and I’m worried it’s a trap nerve. What can I do? Should I book an appointment? Definitely!

Neck tension that progresses throughout the day?

Hello, I am a 34 year old male in the UK with chronic back and neck pain for 5 years now. I believe most of my pain is generated from posture during my sleep and throughout the day. I am 6 foot 4 inches tall, with wide shoulders and a medium build. I’ve been seeking […]


I work at a desk for 8 hours a day and have been noticing I’m getting a very uncomfortable pain in my upper back just beneath my shoulders. Would spinal adjustment help this? Yes, it very probably would. We see this kind of problem a lot and usually treat it successfully.

Radiating hip pain

I started with a sharp pain in my hip around 7 weeks ago which has gradually progressed to a radiating burning sensation down my outer thigh, groin pain and severe lower left back pain (just above my buttock) the pain is so bad in my lower back and hip that I am struggling to sleep […]

Back pain how can I get rid of this?

Hello, I am a 26 year old male and have left lateral back pain near the spine occasionally radiates to upper back on the left side. The pain also radiates the my left buttocks and down the left side of my leg. No numbness just really sharp pain. It feels like a nerve is getting […]

Please help

I have THE worst pain on the top of my spine. I don’t know whether to say It’s my neck or my back because it’s exactly where they meet. It hurts to sit down the most. I tried to keep my back as straight as possible. But it feels like bone on bone after a […]

General Question

Hello Kris, I Googled “Ask a Chiropractor” and your name came up first. Here is my question- my son is a high school senior and he is a health nut. He is excited about chiropractic as a career. Recently, a family friend, who is a physical therapist told me to talk him out of it. […]

Pain in both balls of feet

Hi I have had pains in both balls of feet including 3 middle toes? The pain is a burning feeling and feels like I am stepping on a stone. Are you able to see what’s wrong with a X-ray Thanks Jo Hi Jo, My first thought is that you have something called Morton’s neuroma which […]

Can you help with my shoulder please?

Good afternoon. I have been suffering with extreme pain in my right shoulder for over 2 years now. I was referred by my GP to have an ultrasound as there was no accident or injury that has caused the pain and limited movement. The ultrasound technician informed that it appears to just be wear and […]

neck shoulder arm thumb

Can you help with the pain I have had since March this year. It started in my neck then left shoulder and down my arm to my thumb with a tingling sensation. I have had x-ray done which revealed nothing abnormal. I have been having physiotherapy also had acupuncture which helped somewhat but the pain […]

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