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Shoulder pain

Hi I was wondering if you let me know if I book an appointment for my shoulder pain will the treatment start on the same day of the initial visit. Just because i don’t many days off from work. And what is the price Sian Hello Sian, The only reason we wouldn’t start treatment on […]

Lower pack pain and headaches

Hiya. I have persistent lower back n pelvis pain. Sometimes it’s v painful getting up. I had severe spd when carrying my little girl (she’s nearly 2) but have always had pain in my back and also my neck which results in bad headaches. How much is a consultation please? Hello, Please give the clinic […]

knee pain

I’ve been having knee pain for 3 weeks after my new dog tripped me and my knee went sideways and into the wall. All my pain is on the inner side of my left knee. When I try to walk without my brace on it tries to give way. Is there something specific I can […]

Possible bursitis of the hip

I have been to physio for 7 months and had injections but nothing seems to be working would you be able to help reduce the pain and help me get rid of my walking sticks so far nothing is working Dealing with bursitis us usually a fairly straightforward procedure so I’m surprised that the treatment […]

Pregnant care

My partner has spd with her pregnancy and is getting bad pain in her groin and some in her hips and lower back is this treatment something she could have and would it help I have helped women with this type of problem in the past so it’s definitely worth trying.

Chiropractor treatment for hearing loss.

Hi Doctor, I have been suffering from mixed hearing loss since 7-6 years in my right ear. I would like to know is there any treatment for the above mentioned illness in chiropractor therapy. Thank you, Gursimran. Hello Gursimran, This doesn’t seem to be the type of thing that chiropractors treat. Your best bet would […]

Should I see a chiropractor?

So 2 years ago I had an injury where I was playing rugby and someone fell on my right leg push the knee inwards where it dislocated and relocated creating a load popping noise and causing my bones to smash together when going back in place, this inflamed my cartilage on both sides of my […]

Hiatus hernia

Hello Chris I am a 60 year old lady with diagnosed hiatus hernia for around 5 years now. I am interested in working to overcome this by holistic means and the help of a chiropractor is this possible at my age and is there chiropractics or holistic help that I can get in touch with […]

Cracking your back

Is it good to crack your back all the time by yourself Probably not…..

Back pain

Hi, my name is Esther. I am 17 yrs old. A few years back I struggled with back pain and was given Co-codamol to help relieve the pain. Recently after I started working (I stand a lot) I began to feel this lower back pain again and have to sleep on the floor to relieve […]

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