How Chiropractic treatment at Bexleyheath Chiropractic Clinic can help with sports injuries

One of the main sources of a chiropractor’s work is helping sportspeople overcome various injuries and here at our clinic in Kent it’s no different.

Indeed, if you’re looking for a highly trained and recommended chiropractor then our experienced team of chiropractors have a great reputation in dealing with sporting injuries and getting people back to full fitness.

We also offer help and advice on how clients can avoid repeating similar injuries in the future.

And, let’s not forget, that the types of sports injuries we deal with on a daily basis aren’t just limited to athletes or sportspeople – people doing everyday tasks also suffer similar injuries.

Essentially, we can help anyone who plays sport who has suffered a traumatic injury, such as a slip, fall, or collision. We can also help those with a repetitive stress or overuse injury.

Most traumatic injuries we see are generally dealing with ligaments which is the tissue that connects bone to bone and to muscles.

Ligament damage is called a sprain and the most frequent places for this type of injury are the ankles, knees, and shoulders. You can also injure the lower back and neck.

Treating these types of sporting injuries depends on the degree of damage sustained by the patient. We also take into account the patient’s age and where the injury actually is.

And once chiropractic treatment begins you will be surprised at the rate of recovery. A chiropractor will also give tips and advice on how to manage the injury and avoid further instances from occurring.

A chiropractor can also help in treating overuse or repetitive strain injuries from sports such as golf, tennis and bowling – essentially sports that require the participant to make the same movement repeatedly.

Such a movement will cause a light strain to tissues, usually tendons and muscles but it’s the cumulative effect of lots of repetition which can cause more serious problems.

It has to be said too that the older a person is the more liable they are to such an injury.

Chiropractors can help with treating such sports injuries and give advice such as warming-up properly before exercise as well as advising on things like stress, which can be a major factor on some muscle injuries because the patient is tense.

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