World Spine Day 16th October 2022

Back pain is up there with some of the leading causes of disability all over the world and on October 16, thousands of people around the world celebrate and educate others about back and neck health on World Spine Day.

Who here has never experienced some variant of back pain? From the crack your back makes when you do some heavy lifting to neck pains when you sleep the wrong way; almost everyone on the planet understands the troubles of back pain.

When your spine hurts, it seems as if everything hurts. World Spine Day is a day to spread the word about spine conditions, educate people or get educated on how to avoid or treat them, and get inspired to take better care of your general back and neck health.

World Spine Day was initiated in 2008 by the World Federation of Chiropractic. For years, the WFC has coordinated World Spine Day together with other concerned organizations around the world to raise awareness of back pain and other spinal issues.

About 1 billion people worldwide suffer from back pain, spinal pain, and related disabilities across different age groups, genders, and races. For context, there are about 7.6 billion people on Earth. Back pain is the single biggest cause of disability on the planet and one in four adults are estimated to suffer back pain during their lives. With such eye-opening statistics, it is no wonder World Spine Day is so necessary.